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Joos Solar’s commercial PV panels are designed to deliver superior efficiency and power to your business. Our solutions are tailored to reduce energy costs, minimise carbon footprint, and pave the way for a sustainable future. Experience significant energy savings, enhanced light quality, and contribute to a greener environment with our street lights powered by solar energy.

Self-Cleaning Panels

Our commercial PV panels come equipped with a self-cleaning feature, ensuring maximum efficiency at all times. Designed to repel water, dust accumulation is significantly reduced, meaning you can enjoy our smart solar solutions without worrying about regular panel cleaning.

Smart Savings

With Joos Solar PV panels, you not only reduce your carbon footprint but also your electricity bill. Our panels efficiently convert sunlight into electricity, resulting in substantial energy savings. Moreover, they shield you from energy price volatility, making them a cost-effective choice for your business.

A Managed Service

We at Joos Solar understand that transitioning to solar can seem daunting. That’s why we manage every step of the process, providing you with a hassle-free installation experience. Our renowned installation partners ensure your move to cleaner, greener energy is smooth and simple.

Unleashing solar potential for UK businesses

We offer commercial solar panels to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and achieve energy independence, due to high energy costs. A standard 250kw solar PV system can offset around 64 tonnes of CO2 emissions, benefiting the environment while saving costs.

Thousands of successful UK businesses, shopping centres, and NHS trusts have already embraced solar power, enjoying substantial savings and environmental impact.

We’ll simulate how much solar energy your business can harness, giving you a solid understanding over your savings. Switch to solar power today and benefit from reducing your bills!

Smart & green economics with solar power

Empower your business with solar power for a greener and cost-effective future. Reduce your dependence on the grid & lower your energy bills! In the past decade, the decreasing costs of solar have made it more affordable than traditional sources. Crucially, this makes you less affected by the volatility of energy prices.

Switching to solar significantly curtails your carbon footprint. For instance, a standard shopping centre can generate 1,243,800 kWh annually, equivalent to powering 340 households or boiling a kettle over 11.3 million times. Together, let’s drive UK businesses towards a sustainable energy future.

All-in-one - we supply battery storage solutions

Maximize the benefits of solar power with our integrated solar battery storage systems. You can choose between sending excess power to the grid or even to green energy companies for extra revenue. Alternatively, the systems can store it for future use, ensuring increased savings and independence from the National Grid.

Our battery storage also serves as a buffer against potential grid instabilities, safeguarding businesses from power outages or energy rationing.

At Joos Solar, we provide more than just solar generation. Our software solutions empower businesses to intelligently utilize solar energy, making the transition to solar a smart eco-friendly decision and a sound business investment.

Choose between car port or roof mounted solar panels

Car port mounted solar panels, a cheaper more agile choice for businesses with large open-air car parks. Joos Solar Car Port solutions also come with revolutionary tap & go EV charging as an optional add on & revenue generator for our venues – in addition to the standard energy savings which come with solar panels.

Roof-mounted solar panels, a popular choice for businesses, is a practical and efficient way to generate clean energy right where it’s needed. Joos Solar’s advanced solar panels can be installed on almost any roof type, flat or sloped, making it a versatile option for businesses across various sectors.

Empowering your solar transition with our flexible financing

Joos Solar offers a variety of flexible financing options tailored to your business needs, easing your transition to renewable energy.

We provide & facilitate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), where we handle the initial costs, and you enjoy lower energy rates by purchasing the solar-generated electricity from us.

Our team also supports businesses through asset finance options – making your switch to clean energy as cost-effective as possible. We’re committed to making your move to green energy simple.

Our promise - a managed service

At Joos Solar, with a 25 year warranty it’s clear our relationship with our clients goes beyond just installation. We’re dedicated to offering comprehensive post-installation services, including proactive solar panel monitoring & maintenance.

Our flexible servicing plans range from general maintenance to advanced monitoring – all managed through one of the leading solar installers across the UK. Given our joint investment approach, we’re incentivized to ensure your solar panels perform optimally throughout their lifespan, safeguarding your green investment. 

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