Decarbonise with solar & reduce your bills by up to 50%


We believe in localised off-grid energy production. Reduce your costs & protect your business against the energy crisis with solar energy solutions!

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Why Choose Solar

Joos Solar is your trusted partner in adopting sustainable energy solutions. We simplify the process, from design to installation, ensuring maximum savings and minimising environmental impact. With our commitment to quality and service, we’re here to guide your journey towards a brighter, greener future.

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Reduce your energy bills

Our solar solutions significantly reduce energy bills. When you switch to solar power, you don’t only reduce your dependence on the energy companies, but on average, solar energy is less than 33% of the cost of energy from the grid.

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Reduce your carbon footprint

Installing our solar solutions greatly reduces your CO2 emissions. When you choose solar panels for your business, you’re contributing to the global effort to combat climate change & decarbonise our economy.
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We’ll make it easy for you

Joos makes going solar simple. We handle the entire process with our trusted installation partner. Our car park solar lights save on trenching costs, and our solar for businesses come with financing – protecting you against energy price volatility.

Solar Street Lights

Our all-in-one solar street lights blend convenience, reliability, and sustainability. Save on energy costs, install solar lights in off-grid areas – great for car parks or road sides!

Solar for Businesses

Joos Solar’s commercial PV panel solutions are designed to reduce your electricity costs, whilst providing you with revenue generation possibilities – available at no cost to you!

Our Car Ports

Joos Solar car ports are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing parking areas, offering a smart and sustainable solution that benefits both you and the environment!

Our Battery Solutions

Our smart Joos domestic and commercial batteries are great with or without a solar system. Our systems allow you to easily optimise when you draw from the grid or sell back to the grid, reducing that expensive peak use!

We also supply the below Tier 1 Solar panels to partners & leading solar installers across the U.K.

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