Reduce your bills & your carbon footprint

Turn dead car parking spaces into energy production hubs, reducing pressure on the grid but also directly saving you money or providing a new revenue generation source.

Solar energy from solar car parks is a cost-effective and innovative way to power both your buildings and EV charging or even just create an additional revenue stream.

We help our clients to:

Meet their sustainability targets


Work towards net zero emissions


Reduce their carbon footprint

Why Solar Car Ports?

Reduce your energy bills

Save money on one of your largest operational costs Рlarge shopping centres report up to 30% savings on their electricity bills 

Create a new revenue stream

With solar energy costing a fraction compared to grid energy, our smart Solar solutions offer a considerable margin for customers who choose to sell excess energy back to the grid or to green energy firms. Alternatively, you can use the energy generated to generate revenue from EV charging.

Joos Solar can make it cost free for partner venues

We act as a intermediary between our clients and larger green energy funders, meaning through a power purchase agreement (PPA) all this can be cost free for you.

With the UKs carbon reduction targets for 2030, we work with our clients to realize their sustainability targets supporting SECR reporting whilst tackling the largest problem at the source - energy consumption.

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